First Commercial Delivery Drones Take Flight Over Europe!


By PACE Staff Writer

Ever since Jeff Bezos' stunning announcement on 60 Minutes last year that Amazon was testing unmanned aerial drones to transport packages, the world has been anticipating the start to commercial drone deliveries. DHL is laying claim to being the first company to offer commercial drone delivery service, announcing last week that it would begin a month long trial of it's technology, called “ParcelCopter”...   Read More



Shifting Strategies Raise Questions of Sustainability


By PACE Staff Writer

The ever-growing online marketplace has been driving interesting changes in the shipping industry in recent years, as we have seen with the emergence of new fulfillment and delivery strategies from major industry players trying to keep up with consumer demand. The increasing popularity of online retail has begun to put extra strain on major carriers, leading to a growing dependency on...   Read More



How the Instant Delivery Wars Are Changing the Industry


By PACE Staff Writer

Google recently escalated its war with online retail giants Amazon and eBay by expanding same day delivery to New York and Los Angeles through the Google Shopping Express service. Launched last year in the San Francisco area, the Google service allows members to shop from a short list of available retail stores and choose home delivery during a specific time of day. While Google Shopping Express is still effectively in its trial phase, the internet behemoth hopes to compete with other major online retailers offering same and next day delivery options. Amazon and other major industry players already offer same day delivery in many major...   Read More



What Dimensional Weight Pricing Means for America


By PACE Staff Writer

Major industries have been abuzz in recent weeks over the announcements in May and June by FedEx and UPS that the ground shipping giants will soon be shifting to dimensional weight pricing, which factors both weight and package size in calculating cost. This type of pricing model has been standard in the air shipping industry for quite some time, but the ground shipping industry has been slower to adopt it. Both FedEx and UPS had been considering a move to dimensional weight pricing for several years before the latest announcements. UPS will begin using the new pricing structure effective...   Read More



PACE – Multi-Regional Customized Logistics Solutions


Confidence that your customized logistics and delivery needs are being met is critical to your business success.  PACE takes the responsibility of meeting your needs seriously.  We take pride in meeting your scheduled and on demand courier needs.  PACE specializes in providing your unique customized final mile delivery network.  We can design a warehousing and fulfillment program that saves your business time and money.  Our team exhibits the utmost in servant spirit and knowledge of your business to make it happen!  Choose PACE when you need the peace of mind that comes from confidence that your delivery needs are handled.




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