Gridlock in Congress as Highways Crumble


By PACE Staff Writer

It’s no secret that America’s highway system is not aging well. Federal and state projects are underfunded and plagued with problems. Repairs are often avoided, until a major event such as the catastrophic collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis in 2007 again brings highway safety to the forefront of national attention. The federal Department of Transportation estimated that 60,000 bridges in the United States are structurally deficient, yet remain...   Read More



Dangers of Distracted Driving


By PACE Staff Writer

By now everyone is aware that distracted driving has become a serious problem for American highway safety. Last year, according to the CDC, 9 people were killed and another 1,100 injured each day in automobile accidents attributed to distracted driving. 1 in 5 accidents...   Read More



Drivers Wanted


By PACE Staff Writer

Last November we took a look at a growing problem in the transportation industry – a severe lack of qualified truck drivers. The numbers haven’t changed much in the past six months. Industry analysts from the American Trucking Association still...   Read More



On-Demand Shipping is Changing the Game


By PACE Staff Writer

The latest trend in a consumer world dominated by fast-paced order fulfillment, driven by services such as Amazon Prime, is on-demand shipping. Led by a handful of upstart companies determined to upset industry norms, use of on-demand shipping services has...   Read More





PACE – Multi-Regional Customized Logistics Solutions


Confidence that your customized logistics and delivery needs are being met is critical to your business success.  PACE takes the responsibility of meeting your needs seriously.  We take pride in meeting your scheduled and on demand courier needs.  PACE specializes in providing your unique customized final mile delivery network.  We can design a warehousing and fulfillment program that saves your business time and money.  Our team exhibits the utmost in servant spirit and knowledge of your business to make it happen!  Choose PACE when you need the peace of mind that comes from confidence that your delivery needs are handled.




Cross Dock

Pool Distribution

Cost Effective

Full Range of
   Vehicle Types

Scheduled Routes

Hot Shot / On Demand

Flexible Scheduling









Need to move freight between Birmingham and Atlanta?  PACE has room for you!  Please call PACE customer service at 1-866-410-7222 or your PACE sales representative to find out more!

PACE also has room for you between Memphis and Nashville.  Call your PACE representative at 1-866-410-7222 for more information!



Your on-demand shipping options have expanded! PACE has partnered with TASISCO, an online, on-demand shipping platform, to make it easier than ever to ship your personal or business packages right from your door. LEARN MORE